Services & Prices

A lot of my customers believe that they have many moles in their garden because of the amount of activity and mole hills. This is not usually the case, most gardens have just the one Mole and on occasions two.

A Mole can create new tunnels at an amazing speed and can cover 18 feet in an hour. When using established runs / tunnels they can have a top speed of 2 MPH, it does not take a mole very long to create half a dozen hills in a 4 hour working cycle.

I like to look after my locals and always have special offers for customers local to Smallburgh (North Norfolk) so please ask for details on current special offers.


I charge on a per mole basis ie 1st mole £50 which includes a £30 trap set fee. Any subsequent moles are charged at £20 per mole

Once all activity has stopped and I believe that all the present Moles have been removed I will remove all traps. If I am called back within 7 days I will catch any remaining moles for £20per mole. Sometimes a Mole may keep his head low for a couple of days after initial trapping.

Any new activity noticed after 7 days of trap removal then this will be treated as a new job and the Trap Set Fee will apply.

For areas above 1.5 acres please get in touch for prices.

All jobs will be charged at 35 pence per mile each way except for very local areas.


Areas Covered

I can take care of all areas including:
– Churchyards
– Sports Grounds and Recreational areas
– Golf Courses
– Businesses
– Restaurants and Pubs
– Schools/Colleges
– Local Authorities